Development Update: Hawks Landing Renovations Phase II

Take a look at Hawks Landings updated business center! The space was previously an outdated game room and we’ve repurposed it into a conference center which will be more utilized by the students.

When designing any space for student living, we always try to incorporate school spirit. Many of our model apartments are decorated with artwork and other goods that celebrate the university. Here we based the color palette around Miami University’s colors (red, white, and black).

Since the new exterior siding and unit renovations have increased the sophistication of the property, Capstone Interiors wanted to follow suit with the business center and add more contemporary flair. Laura used bright accent colors and lively artwork to increase interest and draw students into the space. The computer tables and conference table have built in power, USB, and HDMI ports; this detail increases the flexibility and convenience of the space. Small updates like these can turn underutilized spaces into attractive, modern amenities our future residents will love using!